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Welcome to Buymeds365 Reward Points program

Collect more Points. Earn more Rewards.

Buymeds365.com wants to say thanks to our loyal customers, so we've created the Buymeds365 Reward Points program.
  • Redeem your Reward for the products of your choice!
  • No black-out dates! – Redeem your Reward anytime.
Each time you shop at Buymeds365.com you'll earn Reward Points, 1 point (equals Rs. 0.50) per Rs. 100 spent.
Each time you accumulate 500 points, a credit of Rs. 250 goes into your Buymeds365 e-Wallet Account and can be spent on any purchase.
Buymeds365 Reward Points add up fast, since all your spending @ Buymeds365.com counts toward your rewards total! And you can start redeeming your rewards with as few as 500 Points.
Rewarding you, our loyal customer, with "cash back" is our way of saying ‘Thank You’ for shopping @ Buymeds365.com.
Remember, the more the reward points you earn, the quicker you can start realizing even greater savings!


Got questions on Buymeds365 Rewards? We’ve got answers. 

What is Buymeds365 Reward Points program?

  • Excellent Rewards. Extraordinary Savings. 
  • Buymeds365 Reward Points program is an innovative customer-benefit programme that empowers you to earn Reward points every time you purchase prescription/non-prescription items. You will earn the credit of 1 point worth Rs. 0.50 for every Rs. 100 you spend. When the points accrue to 500, you will receive a Rs. 250 Reward. You can redeem the accumulated points towards any of the products you wish to buy at Buymeds365.com.
  • The more you shop at buymeds365.com, the faster you turn your points into great savings. 

How much are Buymeds365 Reward Points worth?

Buymeds365 Reward Points Values: 

  • Spend Rs. 100 & Get 1 Reward Point = Rs. 0.50 

  • 500 Reward Points (Minimum Redemption Value) = Rs. 250

  • "See Your Regular Shopping Turn into Rewards" - It’s that easy! 

What products qualify for Buymeds365 Reward Points?

  • Buymeds365 Reward Points apply to the entire merchandise, allowing customers to score points on any purchase at the Buymeds365.com at any time. So hitting a 500-point mark will be a breeze at our online medical store when you shop for ALL your health needs, from prescription medicines to over-the-counter products including herbals, diet/fitness supplements, personal care products, baby & mother products, surgicals, household items, and many more health & wellness products. 

Is there a limit to how many Reward Points I can earn at buymeds365.com?

  • Nope, there’s no limit to the number of reward points that a Buymeds365 customer can earn. 

Do I have to use up all my earned reward points in a single transaction?

  • No need to rush! You don’t have to make sure to convert all your accrued Reward points in one order. If you wish, you can let it build up with every eligible order you place at buymeds365.com. But… with thousands of everyday health products well-stocked at our one-stop pharma, you might not wait long to use up your points than you think! 

How do I claim my Buymeds365 Reward points?

  • Claiming buymeds365 Reward points is simple. After you add the desired products to your cart, in the Shopping Cart page, select ‘Your e-Wallet Fund’ check box as your payment option to redeem your Reward. Now, you’ll see the applicable discount reflected in your order details.
  • BE SURE TO NOTE: Your e-Wallet Fund will be void of your accrued Reward Points, if you have forgotten to click/activate “REDEEM” button on display in the Reward Points section of Your buymeds365 Account. We would have sent the email to this effect once you have reached the redemption limit. 

How long are the Buymeds365 Reward points valid for?

  • Forgot to Redeem your Reward? That’s okay! Buymeds365 Reward points are evergreen and don’t expire. You can choose to accumulate your points for as long as you want and then redeem them when you wish to. 

I just placed my order. Why isn't my Reward Points updated in my account yet?

  • You will find the relevant points updated in your Buymeds365 account, once your payment is processed. 

Didn’t get answers to all your questions?

  • We're happy to help you with any questions you may have on our Reward Points Program. Please call Buymeds365com customer service at our toll-free number 1-844-879-6694 or email sales@buymeds365.com